Welsh 101: An Introduction to Welsh Ponies, Cobs and Half Welsh

What is your Welsh?

The Welsh Breed really is the breed for every season, for every reason! The breed is broken down into four sections; The Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A), The Welsh Pony (Section B), The Welsh Pony of Cob Type (Section C) and The Welsh Cob (Section D). A Half Welsh is any animal that has one parent that is a purebred Welsh Pony or Cob.

The Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) are the smallest of the four sections, but the most important of the breed as it is the original native type. These hardy little ponies that lived for thousands of years in the mountains of Wales and escaped persecution by King Henry VIII in the 16th century are now one of the most ideal child’s pony of today. Section As are also enjoyed by children and adults of all ages as a driving animal. Welsh Mountain Ponies cannot exceed the height of 12.2 hands.

The Welsh Pony (Section B) is described as having the same attributes as the Welsh Mountain Pony, but an emphasis on its qualities as a riding animal. They have a slightly lighter build than Section As due to the influence of Arabian and Thoroughbred blood. They are popular as children’s mounts and often seen as hunter-jumper competitions. Welsh Section Ponies cannot exceed the height of 14.0 hamds.

The Welsh Pony of Cob Type (Section C) is the result of crossing Welsh Mountain Ponies and Welsh Cobs to achieve a hardy animal that is heavier than the Welsh Mountain Pony but smaller than a Welsh Cob. They are ideal for both children and adults, and have had success in driving and dressage. Section C Welsh cannot exceed the height of 13.2 hands.

The Welsh Cob is the largest of the four sections and its height exceeds over 13.2 hands with no upper limit. Welsh Cobs have been traced back to the medieval ages as an ideal mount for knights. Described as “the best ride and drive animal in the world”, Welsh Cobs are bold and powerful mounts that are popular as driving and ridden animals in many disciplines.

The Half Welsh/Part Welsh is a cross that must have at least one purebred welsh parent. Crossing welsh ponies is a very popular practice to add the wonderful welsh characteristics of beauty, bone, courage and temperament to other breeds. There is no upper limit to the height of half welsh animals.


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