The Sportsmanship Award


Congratulations to Sharon Leathem for winning the 2018 Sportsmanship Award!


Congratulations to Amanda Mills for winning the 2017 Sportsmanship Award!


Congratulations to Jessica Figas for winning the 2016 Sportsmanship Award!

Jessica Figas


Congratulations to Lee-Ann Maisonneuve for winning the 2015 Sportsmanship Award!



Congratulations to Owen Maisonneuve for winning the 2014 Sportsmanship Award!



ThiSamis year’s recipient was a Junior member, Miss Samantha Cook.  The nominee for Samantha had the following words to say:  “Sami always has a smile on her face no matter what she is doing and is always at her moms side ready to help with anything. Sami is great towards her fellow competitors and always congratulates them, whether she’s competing with them or not. Sami is always proud to show off her ribbons whether it’s for first place or for participation. She is always sure to congratulate everyone in the ring with her. In her lessons at home, she is always ready to learn new things and she practices very hard on both her riding and her showmanship. Through all this effort, she still has a smile on her face if she doesn’t win that first place ribbon. I have never seen her act unsportsmanlike to anyone. I think Sami would be the best fit for this award.”

Other deserving nominees in 2013 were: Amanda Mills and Brianna Simpson.