WPCAO Directors for 2017

  • President of the Ontario Association – Rose Reid

  • Vice President & High Point – Janet Pegg

  • Treasurer – Paula DalGarno

  • Secretary – Jessica Figas

  • Newsletter – Kim Ralston

  • Directors at Large: Maisie Durward, Alice McKeen, Janet Pegg, Medea Tumanidis, Shirley Cane, Heather Black

Membership RENEWAL time…

Membership in the Welsh Pony and Cob Association of Ontario is inexpensive and worthwhile (please refer to the “About” section at left for details.) Please don’t miss out on the membership benefits. You may join the W.P.C.A.O. by clicking on the Membership_Form.pdf link below. This requires Adobe Reader version 8 or above. Please complete this form and print and mail it in along with your payment. If you are having difficulty opening this form, please contact the Treasurer for a copy. All cheques should be made payable to the WELSH PONY AND COB ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO. Please send membership applications and cheques by regular mail to:
Paula Dalgarno
125 Hazelwood Drive
Whitby, ON
L1N 3L7


Click Here for: 2017 WPCAO Membership Form




Changes to membership fees for 2016

In 2016, we will be adding a fee for those who would like to receive a hard copy of our WELSHBEAT Newsletter, due to printing & shipping costs. Our newsletter goes put 4 times a year to keep you up to date on all the WPCAO happenings!

Members will have the option to receive the newsletter in 3 forms:

  • Electronic copy, delivered via E-Mail – FREE with your annual membership
  • Black & White copy, mailed to you – $25 in addition to your annual membership
  • Colour copy, mailed to you – $40 in addition to your annual membership